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My girls

Milestone update so I remember - also because it’s 430 and daddy let me sleep tonight so I’m feeling fabulous. 

Joanna - my wild child. You are on the go from the time your feet hit the floor until nap time. You still love your books and “shows”. We find you sitting on random objects looking at your books and reading to yourself in your own language. You still have a raging cow lick that spans across your forehead I honestly wonder what we are gonna do with it. You refuse to hold a hair tie in your hair and definitely no bows. You love your pool and your orange slide. You have started to grab for our hands and say “ pray? Pray?” And we have to hold hands together and pray.... 10 times a meal. You like to say amen but only get the A part. Who needs men? Lol. 

Your an inconsistent eater but you come by that naturally. You love your “bup” or cup. And you can now say “fuzzy”. You bring mommy diapers when she asks and love forcefully pointing out your sisters eyes and nose and hair and when you play with her toes you go “wee wee wee Home” it’s about the cutest thing. 

When daddy comes home you get so excited and ask for him throughout the day. You got your first spanking because you refused to sit down in your high chair and kept trying to climb out. 

You love the color purple and can identify it which is hilarious to me as it’s the hardest color to say. You still love Little baby bum and you have the meanest scowl when told no more LBB. 

You still love outside and whole wheat ritz make you scream with delight 🤷🏽‍♀️ 

I love you so much and you are my hardest challenge right now but we are learning together. 

Eliza- oh hey second child. You already have a “just roll with it” attitude. You stay so calm when your sister wants to hold you or point out your features. 

You have a rough first go of it but you now eat like a cow and burp like an old man. 

You have the best fuzzy black hair and it makes your mom happy. You love to lay on your belly and have decided you don’t care for the swaddle. Your taking about 3oz a feed and giving mommy and daddy 3-4 hr stretches at night 🙌🏽 you aren’t a fan of the car seat/car rides but you love the rock n play and we are learning to love the crib.

You are the most alert baby and love to look all around at lights and faces ❤️ 

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When Baby Arrives


Alright so baby is here and he or she is pooping like crazy and you are thankful you got 3498347539485 diapers and wipes. You're welcome.

Now here are some things to send your hubs out to get YOU once you bring baby home. And all you helpful friends and family take note on what to bring. These things literally kept me from jumping the line into insanity.

BREAKFAST and SNACKS. I don't care if you haven't eaten breakfast since you were five. When you have a newborn you don't even know what planet you live on for the first 3 weeks. Tell hubs to go load up on food you can GRAB and food you love. I'm talking fruit snacks, muffins, granola bars, microwaveable omelets. Things that take 2 seconds to open or heat and are FATTY AND CALORIC. Your body is healing and making milk and your appetite is WACKED. Your body is burning fuel faster then it ever has trying to get you back to a baseline. Im pretty sure I had 30 smoothie king smoothies and about an orchard of fruit snacks in the first few weeks.

This is not to discount the dinners, because my husband and brother would literally have starved or eaten pizza for a month if it hadn't been for the meals. I too still need to track down some of the recipes we were given. Delicious! 

The NICE SHAMPOO and SOAP. I'm not talking PERT 2 in 1and a Dove bar. I'm talking like bath and body works scrubs, new lotion, the best smelling shampoo and a new razor. You will feel like a awkward pear with feet for awhile and for me, a hot shower with yummy smelling shampoo was the perfect break in smelling like sour milk.

NEW CLOTHES. I'm not saying blow your debit card on Target. But your body isn't going to flop back to normal for a minute. Or months. So get yourself a couple tops that you feel good in and a bra that your boobs don't have to squish into. When you get to the point where you want to venture out into the world again you'll be glad you had a couple tops that fit better then your husbands college T shirts.

To all the family and friends -- theres a million things you can do for a new mom besides make a meal.

Clean her tub, hold her baby and tell her to go take a nap, you get baby snuggles and your friend gets an emotional recharge. BUY her the new bra, or the target gift card. Go to Sams and bring the fruit snacks. If you don't do anything else -- tell her she's doing a great job and she looks great. Even if she's in the same shirt as last Monday or her eyes are red rimmed from crying. Hug her and tell her motherhood looks great on her. Dont say things like "Oh it goes so fast." Cause chances are she has heard it already and between her sore boobs and 3 hours of sleep she doesn't care or hopes it does go fast. 

Just be company. I was SO lonely for the weeks after my mom left and it was just me in the house with a cranky newborn. Having people just come over and talk and visit was so refreshing. 

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Diapers and Registries. what made the difference for me as a new mom.

I feel these are the top things that made a difference to me when I was pregnant with Jo and the days to follow.


1. Ask for diapers and wipes. BUY YOUR MOMMAS DIAPERS AND WIPES.
I know you want cute clothes and that fancy stroller and asking for diapers/wipes is well, boring. But listen!! DIAPERS ARE EXPENSIVE and they FLYYYYY through them. Matt and I pushed hard for diapers and we didn't have to buy ANY for the first four months. Between gift cards and a diaper raffle we had plenty. We aren't picky people so we asked any brand any size. If you want to be specific on size get 1s and 3s.

2. Limit your registry. BUY WHATS ON YOUR MOMMA'S REGISTRY.
People will buy you clothes whether they are on your registry or not. People are also horrible at giving receipts. If you want a specific outfit put it on there but leave the registry to things you NEED. I learned this the hard way. Jo got a million clothes (some which I had registered for) but I ended up with no bottles, or crib mattress or changing pad covers post-shower(s). Here is a separate list of a five things we have LOVED having with J.

The Mr. and I live on a tight budget. I discovered quickly that if I returned two brand new 6 month old outfits I could buy a MEGA box of diapers for the same price. I could also take a 10 dollar Once Upon a Child gift card and when a sale hit grab 10 sleepers any size.

All that to say, if you have the money and outfits are your thing, GO FOR IT! I love seeing babes in cute clothes. But, if you are like us and have to pinch your pennies were you can -- take the stuff you don't really need back i.e the 32425.3 bows and pink outfits and get your spoons, bottles, and diapers and wipes. I promise your kid will still be ridiculously adorable in last years brand or your neighbor kid's old clothes. Trust me.

Also to all the friends and families buying for new mommas. BUY THE BORING STUFF! Get the washcloths, get the spoons, get the bibs, the socks, and the wipes. oh pleaseeeee get them wipes. We think of our sweet friend who gave us our washcloths and towels everytime J gets a bath!

4. TREAT YO SELF. I'm just going to leave this here for your own interpretation. Do what you love even if you have to waddle there slowly. Matt and I love to eat out and we did! We knew our opportunities for this were gonna be slim once babe came. I love to be outside so I'd invite a friend and they would walk with me while I waddled until I couldn't waddle anymore. Attitude is everything in the last few months and its easy to get in your head. also - pedicures. I didn't care much about the paint, but the massage. Game changer. Assume your baby will be late so you don't freak out your husband with your frantic and unpredictable emotional state when you are three days past your due date and sobbing at Plant Earth on Netflix. 

Baby is here? - what to bring when you go over for baby snuggles and what not to bring. :)

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6 months old

Update on the home front. The dogs are still here and alive. They know bedtimes and nap times are their time for snuggles and they take full advantage. Jo loves to pet them and watch them wrestle with each other.  

Recently life has been weird. I have to give myself grace because figuring out your life takes even longer after you have a kid. Never anticipated the quarter life crisis having your first kid creates. 

Some things I've learned in the last six months. 

1. A shower can literally change the course of your day

2. Make up - never wore it before Jo sometimes its a necessity now so I don't scare people and so I don't hear "You ok? You look tired" or "You sick?" 

3.  Everything changes when your kid smiles at you. It all gets exponentially easier. Its weird and wonderful at the same time. TO all the moms who haven't reached approx: week 8 keep going. 

4. Messy house = you got alone time/rest time. I have a new appreciation for a messy house. 

5. Eating with two hands delightful and I enjoy each minute or second that I get to do it. 😁

Baby girl update.  

Man have you grown! You wore six month clothes for about 2 weeks. We are full blow into 9 months and loving it. 

You still have an obsession with your hands and feet. You blow rasberries constantly. We are officially loving food. You love sweet potatoes (1st), butternut squash, peas and green beans. 


Only problem? You dont rollover yet. You kick and kick and kick and grab at everything. You twist and turn and LOVE your bouncy chair. We have continued to sleep through the night, we have no teeth. You had your first cold last month (whoops). You love toys that make crunchy sounds. You especially love your pink bird. 

You have developed personality. When you start wining we mimic you and you think it's hilarious. most of the time. 

Thanks for being such a sweet girl. Your mom and dad are obsessed with you. We love you Jo. 

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Boy do I feel that tonight.

When I was little, school aged, my parents used to talk about how someday Jesus was going to come back and those who truly believed in Him would go to Heaven. I remember a specific instance where I was talking to my mom in the bathroom about it. I remember thinking in my little head "Well I hope he waits until Im big, I'm to young to die"

Well now Im big and I am awake at 0300 heart heavy for all those in Vegas hurting. For those in all these countries devastated by loss. For the fact that I have to raise up a kid and send her out into this world that is straight up evil. I am awake in tears reading these stories of people who have lost everything. Many of my immediate friends are going through HARD things too. Some are also victims of these recent tragedies.

Then I look at the networks that could be bring hope and help to so many, the massive resource we could be using to unify us as a nation, and all I see is disappointment. We are still talking about football, tweets, and playing a game of who said what and petty shit like that. Honestly.

Now Im "big" and begging for the Lord to come quickly. Im angry but mostly scared. I know He brings peace, and I know that he is the ultimate safety. But if I'm being honest. Its still terrifying. None of the people at that concert last night knew what was going to take place. I know who holds my family's lives, but Im still scared.

Does this make me a worse Christian? no.

Is it wrong for me to cry out to God and ask WHY? No.

All I can do is remind myself that He is good and He is the only thing that is good.

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4 months old

Hey baby girl. This was a big month for you. You found your thumb and have hardly cried going down for your naps. I have stopped trying to keep you on a schedule all together. I just follow eat- awake- sleep and you seem to be cool with that. You sleep through the night and for the last week or so you have actually enjoyed tummy time. 

You still don't roll over but I'm cool with that. You talk constantly and love when daddy and I talk back to you. You found your feet and love to pull your socks off. We tried shoes for the first time and you hated them, I did too. Haha! 

You're in some 6 month clothes already. You drink 6-8 oz every three hrs. We sat in the bumbo for the first time on Friday and you played with a jumbo sharpie. You wack your hands on the table until you get it in your hand. 

You try to hold the bottle on your own but we don't seem to be there quite yet. 

I made a bunch of frozen baby food so maybe we'll start that this month? 

You make this noise where you purse your lips and say Oooooo. And it makes our hearts happy. 

Mommy is back to work full swing and you and daddy do great at bedtime. 
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Wait what anniversary?

Matthew and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary as a married couple this month. Some days I feel like it's been way longer and other times my jaw drops at how much time has past. 

Year three was wild and rough. Between pregnancy, house, and having to get two new (to us) cars... oh and having a baby. It's been nothing short of chaotic. 

As with the time, some days (fewer than others) I feel like we have stood the test of time and have gotten through some serious struggles.

Then there are most days where Matt and I are SO not perfect and our differences rear up like waves and make a mess of our day. 

We refer to it half jokingly as a "lifestyle of conflict". 

When you put two first born- type A- strong willed and stubborn people like ourselves into a marriage under one roof it can get wild. Thankfully Gods grace is overly ubundant and we get to learn every day (some days every hour HAHA) the beauty that it brings to a marriage.

I love my life and if I've learned anything in the last three years it's that:
There is a real beauty and peace in the mundane. 

I don't mean relaxing and non stressful sitting on a beach sipping a Long Island with an umbrella straw. While that would be nice what I am talking about here is the normal routine days. The days where you go through your dresser and wonder where all your underwear is only to look over and see almost all the clothes you own overflowing from the laundry basket. The days where 3pm hits and you have to work tonight but you have nothing to make for dinner for your hubby. The days where "Netflix and chill" is the only date night you can afford or your one night off together is spent cleaning up the mess you've constructed all week. 

 Matt and I have had our best conversations, connections and growing experiences in some of the simplest and mundane days of our lives together. 

A wise friend recently compared their marriage the other day to a baby. They said, "whenever I get frustrated at all the struggles in our marriage I look at him (baby) and think we've only been marriaged as long as he's been alive." 

Newlyweds and fresh lovers hear me out!! 
You will have that baby, buy that house, get that dog and cruise that ocean, but let me tell you when it comes to marriage the real world real life you traverse together keep it simple. 
Listen well and talk. 

That quote stuck in my brain and I can't help but resonate with the logic. My favorite three year olds are still taking in the world one discovery at a time and they live in constant navigation and learning. Young kids take naps because they are processing so much their little bodies need rest to rejuvenate. They get frustrated when things don't work and they want it all NOW. They've jumped some milestones and most can ask kindly and say thank you but they have a LONG way to go. 

It's really a humbling depiction of my life at times albeit a more adult-y-er version. 

Back to the simple life though. I have learned, after this wirlwind year, that simple days of mundane routine are what you make of them and they can be just as special and appreciated amidst a marriage as any week packed with activities, trips or new adventures. There will be seasons where we don't get "naps" to work on our marriages or on our own hearts, so when the simple life hits take heart and enjoy.

Here's to year 4 being boring and simple. ❤️